Spraygrass is a family-owned Australian company. This incredible family pioneered Hydromulching in Australia over 50 years ago. The branding hadn't been updated and had become tired and was leading to more confusion along with the existing website. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to modernise this incredibly iconic company. We started with the branding we wanted to come up with something that encompassed exactly what these guys are about. We also rebranded 4 trucks and 6 vehicles. The website was next we wanted to develop a site that would show their legacy combined with their incredible portfolio of projects. We photographed and filmed several projects to ensure we could correctly display the attention to detail they provide to their clients. We love working with family businesses the passion and dedication to their craft is inspiring.

Date : May 22, 2021

Client Name : Spraygrass

Category : Branding / Cinematography / Web Development / Photography

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